Master Comprehensive Assessment

Good Steward BBC, LLC has created a Master Comprehensive Assessment for these individuals.  It provides them with a personalized strategic plan, designed to give them a chance for successful employment and a sustainable career.  

Providing a successful employment match begins with a comprehensive assessment that identifies the participants’ strengths; assets; abilities and barriers to success.  Good Steward BBC, LLC will provide a  Master Comprehensive Assessment which incorporates five specialized Assessment Elements, sufficient to determine the participant’s career “dreams”, barriers to their success,  realistic employment placement goals, and an evaluation of the fiscal and mental health support essential to assist the client in realizing their potential.

A qualified  Assessment  Team will complete the “Master Comprehensive Assessment” for  participants. The assessment process will cover a broad range of indicators, chosen to identify the participants’ abilities, skills, assets, and performance capabilities. The tool will examine how a person came into TANF /VIEW or other referred services and what is the status of their current social; medical; mental health; fiscal and employment history.

The Master Comprehensive Assessment is an exciting tool for the customer and participating agency. It helps identify a pathway to employment success for the customer and can lead to their financial independence.

Demographic Assessment Element

The “First Demographic Assessment Element” includes a comprehensive gathering of demographical information, which will be collected and analyzed.

Home Visit Assessment Element

The “Second Home Visit Assessment Element” will be an on-site Home Visit and Interview. Where possible, the interviewer will meet family members at their home and make observations regarding the condition of their living situation; accessibility to public transportation, and family safety issues. The home visit is essential to observe the participant in their familiar environment, to understand the economics of their neighborhood, and to determine what community resources may be available to be leveraged on behalf of the participant.


Mental Health Assessment Element

Many vocation and life skill assessments are generic, providing multiple choice tools, written exams, practical skills tests and job placement match list. Seldom is a Mental Status Exam integral to the standard assessment tool.  Our “Third Mental Health Assessment Element”  includes a complete Mental Health Exam and Psycho-Social Analysis.

The “Mental Health Status Assessment Element” analyses the clinical and physical background of the participant. It looks at any history of sexual abuse and trauma; substance use history and comprehensive treatment history. The Mental Health Status Exam will be completed by a Licensed and Certified Mental Health Provider.


Career and Vocational Assessment Element

The “Fourth Career and Vocational Assessment Element” encompasses a wide array of vocational skill tests and surveys that will help determine the clients’ aptitude and abilities for specific skills and employment opportunities.

The Aptitude Assessment goal is to increase employability and longevity with employment and to assure that individuals are properly matched to positions, where they have the capability to learn and apply the necessary skills for the job. The Career Interest Assessment measures interest in various careers in relation to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Interest Areas.

Many indicators are matched with the customer’s work preferences,  national measures, and statistical comparisons.  The likelihood of employment matches are made by an analytical process with percentiles and measures.  The tools utilized are “state of the art” and excellent nationally developed statistical measures and indicators.

Financial Benefit Assessment Element

Our “Fifth Financial  Benefit Master Assessment Element” matches a Work Incentive Specialist Advocate(WISA), who is a Certified Work Incentive Practitioner (WIP),  to each participant. This staff will complete a “Financial Benefit Analysis” for the participant. This analysis will examine participant assets, potential for employment earnings and what risk will exist to benefits when employment is secured. This Element is comprehensive and will be specifically designed for this program’s WISA requirements. The analysis provides the following:

Often participants are unaware of the vast amount of financial incentives available once employment is secured. The benefit of having a Work Incentive Specialist Advocate (WISA) assessment completed for the participant helps them understand the benefit of a career employment fiscal potential when compared with the static limitations of Federal, State, and Local fiscal potential.


All Five Elements of the “Master Comprehensive Assessment” will be analyzed and an  “Individualized Personal Assessment and Strategic Plan” will be developed by staff for each participant. Participants will be invited to review their strategic plan; understand each set of recommendations and provide input. Once the plan is finalized, a proposal will be made by the Case Manager to the  “Master Assessment Review Team”. This team of Certified Specialists will review the personalized plan with the Case Manager, make final adjustments and authorize the plan to be forwarded to the Funding Administrator. Good Steward BBC, LLC will be available to assist the participant further, if requested to do so.