Good Steward Business and Benefits Counseling, LLC is proud to employ individuals that hold a specialized certification as a Work Incentive Practitioner (WIP). This qualification allows us to provide benefits counseling services to individuals with disabilities.

We understand how much citizens with disabilities want to work and to become self-sufficient. However, supplemental security income (SSI) and other federal benefits programs are confusing and difficult to navigate. Knowing just what you are entitled to is important.

Persons with disabilities are often afraid of losing their SSI benefits and health insurance if they become employed and have many other concerns and questions. A benefits counselor like those at Good Steward can review the effects of combining SSI and SSDI payments and/or Medicaid or Medicare benefits with your work income. You may be able to continue receiving Medicaid insurance even if your work earnings are high enough to eliminate SSI benefits. Good Steward can perform this unique analysis for your work and financial situation to explain your benefits in a way that makes sense to you.

Our benefits counselors can also examine your social security income reports and work history. This information is useful in helping you find the right work experience that will allow you to maximize your resources.

Good Steward can also help you with:

  • Assessing impairment-related work expenses to determine whether you can receive incentives due to work expenses
  • Determining whether you can earn more income because you are under 22 and attending school
  • Setting up a plan to help save and pay for certain expenses like education, your first home purchase, and business capitalization
  • Determining special exclusions for expenses for those who are diagnosed with blindness
  • Setting up payment plans, waivers, or repayment options for overpayments
  • Using the PASS plan to set aside income to achieve specific work goals that often involve learning a trade, starting a business, gaining an advanced education, or purchasing specialized business equipment
  • Determining employer support to reduce the amount of your counted earned income
  • Obtaining Medicaid health coverage under the Medicaid Buy-In Program

Benefits Counseling InterviewWe are here to assist you with your transition to self-sufficiency.  We will serve as your partner and advocate for your employment service rights. There is so much misinformation about your right to become employed and still maintain your financial benefits. Don’t become discouraged. We will demystify federal policy and assist you on your path to employment. Let Good Steward help you start your journey to success. Our passion is helping you access the financial benefits that you deserve.